Unique handmade mugs that have captivated thousands of people around the world

Hey! My name is Valeria.
I am the founder of Spin Lab Ceramics studio.

The idea to open my own store came to me one day when I was walking around Crete and went into a local ceramics workshop. In general, Greek culture and antiques have always inspired me and I have always wanted to learn how to create from clay on my own. And, by the way, I learned when the pandemic broke out and everyone was locked up at home

Now my dream has come true – I opened my own studio and together with my team I create mugs for people from different parts of the world!

Custom products

Boobs mug
Volume: 250-300 ml
Penis mug
Volume: 250-300 ml
Molded mug
Volume: 250-300 ml
Plates for jewellery

Workshops and certificates

We conduct individual and group pottery workshops. You can even celebrate your event in Spin Lab – we help to organize it!

Come with your idea – we will implement it in life!



1 hour — 40€

Group (4-8 persons):

1 hour — 30€ /person

Painting is included in the price of the workshop.

Contacts and delivery

Delivery is carried out by:

Price: from 15-35 € depending on the country and weight of the parcel.

Delivery terms: 10-14 days

Сonnect with us

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